Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Shooting at the Family Research Council

There is another shooting, this time at the Family Research Council. My prayers go out to the injured and to the person who committed this crime. Yes, I pray for the shooter. Look at the messages that surround people in the Culture of Death - an unborn child is a 'parasite'; a person with an opinion that isn't "Progressive" is a 'bigot' and 'full of hate' (even if that opinion is shared by the majority of people); religious people are 'brainwashed' 'sheep' who want to oppress others; gay :marriage" is a civil rights issue; Catholic institutions not wanting to pay for birth control is a 'War on Women'. The Human Rights Campaign (a pro-homosexual group I will not link) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (a once-good group that is such no longer) had labelled the Family Research Council a 'Hate Group'. Why? Because they support real marriage. Again, holding a differing opinion automatically makes you 'evil'. As John Barth said 'everyone is necessarily the hero of their own life story'; I am certain the shooter will explain why what he did had to be done, how he had no choice but to do the right thing. You know, trying to kill innocent people. Is there a time and place for violence? Yes, Just War Theory tells us that there are times when justice requires violence. But this is always to be determined by proper authority, not by the individual. When I contacted HRC and the SPLC for comments they either directed me to their webpages or failed to respond in time for this posting.

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